Connect to short-term work requests & asset sharing opportunities

uOnCall keeps you connected to the short-term work requests and asset sharing opportunities so you can create a portfolio of work to stay cashed - up.

Life is no longer defined by the ‘9-5’ job! Gain a living on your terms based on your personal skills, tools, time and assets in the share economy. Match your earning desire and potential from diverse and multiple earning activities.

Defined as the ‘new economy’ or the ‘gig-economy’ uOnCall consolidates short-term and spot work requests as well as asset sharing opportunities, so you can plan common routes, locations, job skills and asset sharing potential into a single full-time, income-equivalent earning portfolio.

uOnCall is a “what's mine is yours” approach to sustainable and collaborative living in the new global economy!

Run a task based marketplace and need personnel, skills, tools, time or assets?

Networked marketplaces, start-ups and commercial ecosystems need to attract talent that have access to skills, tools, time or assets and have a desire to sustain themselves in the "gig-economy".

Often one marketplace can't sustain the full earning desire of an individual, but many side-by-side can ensure that each remains viable through the peaks and troughs of growth, seasonality and daily/weekly spikes in consumer activity.

An OnCall Community enables your organisation to source and connect with talent to push "on-demand" short-term and spot work requests.

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