Discover online skilled volunteering opportunities in seconds.

Posted: 8th Sep

How do you know when you have changed the world for the better?  How can you be sure that the decisions you make today are going to have a positive impact tomorrow?

Vollie wants to help you change the world by providing you with the opportunities to have a direct impact on projects that are positively impacting the causes that are important to you.  Become a skilled online volunteer with Vollie, and can can donate your time and abilities so that when you wake up tomorrow, the world is a little bit better.

How does Vollie make online volunteering easy?

Vollie is an online marketplace that connects skilled people to non-profits, charities, and social enterprises for skills-based online volunteering. Vollie projects are exclusively online, meaning that people can donate their skills and experience from anywhere in the world, and around their busy personal and professional schedule. 

  1. You tell them your skills - You input the professional skills that you’re good at and the causes you care about.
  2. Instant project matches - They show you local, national, and global online volunteering projects that match your skillset and desired causes.
  3. Volunteer on your own time - You change the world through flexible and remote volunteering on your time.  The added bonus is you expand your skill set and experience to use in the gig economy or to build out your resume.