Australia’s most popular freelance jobs revealed: Why businesses are turning to outsourcing as the gig economy gathers steam

POSTED: 4th Oct

As the gig economy gathers steam in Australia, and indeed across the world, a growing number of busi...

The gig economy is growing and moving into high skilled marketplaces

POSTED: 12th Sep

While the “gig economy” – that buzzword of the late-2010s – has nothing to d...

Flexible working according to Sir Richard Branson

POSTED: 18th Jan

‘Entrepreneurs are the crazy people who work 100 hours a week so they don’t have to work...

Gig economy superannuation fund to launch in 2018

POSTED: 17th Jan

A lawyer who established the Australian arm of forex provider IG Markets is backing “business ...

Discover online skilled volunteering opportunities in seconds.

POSTED: 8th Sep

How do you know when you have changed the world for the better?  How can you be sure that the d...

The upside & downside of working in the gig economy

POSTED: 18th Aug

EVERYONE knows a hustler. They’re the person who goes from contract to contract, dabbling in...

New start-up enables you to trade accommodation for your time, skills & effort

POSTED: 25th May

A new Australian startup that launched this week lets people to sign up for free mid- to long-term a...

Today Uber celebrated that they had provided 20,000 Australians with extra work

POSTED: 3rd Dec

Uber notified its customers and partners with the following message: "Today we are cele...

Cashwash for cash

POSTED: 19th Nov

"Car owners register on the airSponge website to find a local who, armed with soap and sponge, ...

Earn money for your space!

POSTED: 14th Oct

Spacer, the latest venture from Deals Direct co-founder Michael Rosenbaum, has launched, with $1 mil...

Australia's gig economy yet to register in employment numbers

POSTED: 17th Aug

When policy think tank the American Action Forum tried to put a number on the gig economy ...

Contingent workers are a dominant player in the global workforce

POSTED: 20th Jul

Making your contingency workforce work. Contingent workers are a dominant player in the global wo...

Two thirds of Aussies turn to sharing economy for extra cash in 2015

POSTED: 20th Jul

The future of work is here: MORE than two thirds of Aussies are planning to make extra money fr...

9 Things You Should Know About Freelancing Full-time

POSTED: 20th Jul

For most, freelancing full time seems like a dream come true. We get to be our own boss, w...

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